Phillips wants to join 2010 team

Mcelwa Nchabeleng

Mcelwa Nchabeleng

Former Premier League chief executive Trevor "British Bulldog" Phillips has not ruled himself out of football.

But this time Phillips is eager to assist beyond the PSL.

The 66-year-old wants to contribute towards the successful staging of the Fifa 2010 World Cup.

"Obviously, it is a great honour for South Africa to host the biggest soccer event and I will not hesitate if the LOC [Local Organising Committee for the 2010 World Cup] ask me to assist them," said Phillips from his home in Johannesburg where he was relaxing yesterday.

"I will never turn my back on the LOC because we all want to see a successful World Cup in 2010 in South Africa.

"It is an honour and prestige not only for South Africans but all Africans to host the World Cup. It is also a great feeling because the continent will host this event for the first time. We should all work hard to ensure that we make it a memorable one."

The esteemed Phillips also revealed that he has been approached by several clubs who were eager to enlist his services. But he refused to join them.

He says it has never been his goal to join a club after his tenure with the PSL, the institution he transformed into a success story.

"It was hectic at the PSL but I enjoyed my stay there. I'm currently relaxing with my wife here in Johannesburg. I have also been visiting Britain for the past three months."

Phillips ended a second stint with the PSL at the end of last season and was replaced by Kjetil Siem.