House plants, green friends

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

To nature lovers house plants are a cunning way to bring the outdoors in and add gentleness and warmth to a home.

Alicia Fabricius, a plant nursery manager, says the benefits of having plants in the house are well worth the effort of nurturing them.

"House plants not only convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, they trap and absorb many pollutants," Fabricius says.

"Many of these chemical compounds are released into our air and often come from everyday manufactured items present in our homes and offices."

Interior designer Ashley Mayors says various sizes of pot plants can change the look of home design.

"With indoor plants, round pots bring solidness to the interior. It is also a pot that will give your plant the space it needs to thrive.

"With rectangular pots you will give a smaller room a longer, higher feel because this shape gives a sense of motion to any room.

"Design your home to include plants for a great feel, look and overall theme you love."

How many plants can you put in a house?

Mayors says you can have as many as space allows.

"If you like fresh, clean air, plants are going to filter out a lot of pollutants and give you the air you crave," Mayors says.

"Think green, colours, flowers, and the flow of decor throughout your home for a great overall look."

Plants and pots are available in many sizes and shapes, made from different materials.

"You can have tall, small, large or wide plants or pots that are colourful, clear or decorative," Mayors says.

To make sure your plants continue to bring you enjoyment and remain healthy, taking care of your plants is imperative.

How to care for your house plant

lPlace your house plant in a container that is visually aesthetic to you and your family.

lDo not place the house plant in an old pot that reminds you of a difficult time in your past. If you wish, decorate your plant container.

Watering your house plants

lCreate a water ritual so you do not forget to water your house plants regularly. We often give too much or not enough water to our plants.

lAs you water your house plants, visualise the plant as strong and healthy.

Name your house plant

lGive your house plants individual names. If you personalise them you are more likely to give them tender, loving care.

lWatch a child. If they know the name of a plant they will say hi to it as they pass by.

Purpose for your house plant

Give a purpose to your house plant. For example, make a plant responsible for bringing wealth and abundance into your home.

An ideal plant for this is one that flowers. As you water the plant, visualise each flower or leaf as a bank note of whatever denomination you desire.

For wealth to grow you must care for the plant and let it grow vibrant and healthy.

You can match a purpose to a plant:

l Wealth

l Health

l Career

l New job

l Travel to a new place

l Self-esteem

Your house plant can have any purpose you wish. For example, as you watch your plant grow you watch your self-esteem grow.

With each new leaf you release your old negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones. -