Holy moly! Plan goes off the rails

Luzuko Pongoma

Luzuko Pongoma

Flag wavers directing traffic fled in fear when the ground in Oxford Road, Rosebank, collapsed with a dusty roar near the new Gautrain tunnel yesterday.

Now the Gautrain project in the area will be delayed for two weeks, Bombela environmental manager Etienne van der Lith said.

"We discovered there were poor geological conditions in the area and we closed the road at 11.30. The road collapsed at half past one," he said.

Eye witness Bongani Nyandeni said he was still recovering from shock because of the big noise that he had heard.

"Some ladies were controlling the traffic waving flags and I heard a huge noise. I made an emergency stop and the ladies started running away. Red dust came out and I saw a big hole."

The huge hole quickly filled with water from a damaged supply pipe.

Van der Lith says the water will have to be pumped out before Bombela can estimate the cost of the damage and repairs.

He said that the company was insured against catastrophe and that the properties affected when the ground caved in would be looked at.

The road would be closed for repairs to the damaged area and people working in offices nearby would be affected.