NPA firm: 'Stratton did bribe Selebi'

Eric Naki

Eric Naki

The National Prosecuting Authority has dismissed a claim by John Stratton that he had never bribed suspended national police commissioner Jackie Selebi to protect him.

Stratton is the man believed to be the mastermind behind the murder of mining magnate Brett Kebble in 2005. The NPA alleges that Stratton paid Selebi to protect him.

The NPA has insisted that it wanted Stratton to be extradited from Australia to face charges relating to Kebble's murder. Selebi has said Stratton's statement proved his (Selebi's) innocence.

According to Independent Newspapers, Stratton told an Australian television station that he had no knowledge of his alleged payment of millions of rands to Selebi in return for his protection.

Stratton, a former associate of Kebble, is being sought by the NPA, which has linked him to the businessman's murder.

Stratton was quoted as slamming the Scorpions for concluding a plea-bargain with Kebble's alleged killers.

He allegedly said this was "motivated by considerations unrelated to his (Kebble's) death".

He refuted the allegations of a corrupt relationship between Kebble, Glenn Agliotti and Selebi, and said the attempt to extradite him is a "hugely politically motivated event".