Ashanti plans to have 12 kids

R&B star Ashanti is saving up a fortune so she can semi-retire and play mom to 12 children.

The singer-songwriter, who is dating rapper Nelly, admits to having motherhood on her mind, but wants to amass a small fortune first before she becomes a mum so she can be comfortable financially.

The savvy star holds back on buying expensive treats and instead saves the millions she gets from her film and music careers.

She says: "I need, like, 12 (kids)... I love kids. I definitely want to get married... I'm so family oriented. I want the big wedding, I want the long marriage, I want kids.

"(But) I've got to stack my cheese a little bit more... I want to be able to bring my kids into the world nice and comfortable."

Ashanti tells Sister 2 Sister magazine she's taking time to learn about how to become a successful businesswoman.

"It's all about your advisers. If you don't know, take a business class." - Wenn