Riding the highway in the new corolla

Mabuyane Kekana

Mabuyane Kekana

It's been three weeks since our long-term new generation Toyota Corolla arrived.

A good way to welcome a test car is to take it on a long, long road trip to feel the good and the bad.

I chose to travel to Mafikeng as I had not been there for a long time.

Our test model was the sleek 2,0 D-4D.

On that long and sometimes bumpy road, I listened for any suspect noise coming out of the engine or body but thankfully couldn't detect any.

Not that I was expecting anything bad from this attractive package.

As human beings, we always have some doubts that something could go wrong, any time.

Thankfully, it was a great driving experience.

Our 2,0 D-4D diesel engine produces maximum power of 93kW at 3600rpm.

The torque is 300Nm and available between 2000 and 2800rpm. An oxidation catalytic converter is fitted to reduce emissions.

The all-new Corolla is distinctive and different; it has a strong road presence, even when spotted from some distance away.

Its low, wide stance creates a sporty and dynamic look that is enhanced by clear-cut

character lines and a sophisticated surface structure that has distinct appeal.

The new model was created at Toyota's chief design centre in Japan.

During the early design process Japanese designers spent about four months in Italy working on the design, looking for a style that would stand out, even on the streets of the style capitals of the world.

As a result, they realised that it was extremely important to first develop "an image of solidity and strength" for the new Corolla.

The sleek, dynamic look is further enhanced by the increased overall length, low-roof profile and slim pillars.

This overall effect is a "cabforward" look which emphasises the sense of space and ideal proportion.

lPrice: R203900.