errands for profit

Here's how to start a delivery business...

Here's how to start a delivery business...

There are thousands of people who for different reasons can't complete even simple tasks such as going out to run an errand.

If you are an outgoing person and like driving around and dealing with people, the errand business is perfect for you. There are many people out there waiting for your service.

One good thing about the errand business is that it is easy to start. You also have a long list of customers to service once you have introduced yourself in the market.

Your potential clients include among others dry cleaners, post offices, banks, department stores, grocery stores and so forth.

The start-up costs for an errand business are also fairly low. You only need a reliable car and a cellphone to get started.

Once you have these in place, you can offer clients in your community a fast and convenient delivery and-or pick-up service.

The services you can provide include dry cleaning, fast foods, medications, event tickets, groceries, pet food, flowers or just about anything imaginable.

One advantage about the delivery business is that it is easy to expand. Once the business is established you can stop doing the deliveries yourself and hire others to do it for you on a revenue-split basis.

It is up to you to decide how to compensate them for their services.

If you happen to use the services of subcontracted drivers you must make sure that you maintain communication with your clients because it sometimes happens that the people you hire end up taking your customers and starting their own businesses.

The only way to stop that from happening is keeping communication with your clients alive.

Subcontracting your errand services will give you time to put your marketing and management skills to work. It will give you time to concentrate on promoting your services and securing new customers.

To make the operation more effective, you can install two-way radios in each vehicle linked to a central dispatcher. This will limit downtime and non-productive travel time.

But to be successful in this business you will have to concentrate on marketing and advertising your services.

You should make your first clients aware of the fact that you are in business and what that they can get from you.

You should use any medium within your reach and wat you can afford to sell your service.

Use promotional fliers, newspapers and direct-mail coupons if you can.

One way of selling your service is to strike deals with restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, liquor stores and other retailers.

To make more money, you don't have to limit your service to businesses only. You must also sell your service to individuals.

Many people don't have cars and therefore rely on taxis for every move they make. Think about how uncomfortable it is to carry groceries and use public transport such as taxis.

Taxis are expensive and difficult to travel in with a load of groceries. If you can introduce this kind of service, some people can make use of your errand or delivery business when preparing for bigger functions.

The vehicle you use must be reliable and it must be able to carry huge loads but not eat up your profits because of heavy fuel consumption.

It also must be able to shelter groceries and other goods from bad weather. It needs to be in perfect running condition, with good tyres and upgraded insurance.

To be always on the safe side, you must make sure you have enough cash to cover basically any set of orders.

ou won't always find customers who pay you in advance. Others will only pay you when you arrive with their orders.

It is therefore important to make sure you state your terms, on the phone, the first time they call you.

If you won't take checks you have to state so in advance to prevent misunderstandings later.