Crutch for pupils

Imagine your child studying at a school without a laboratory, a library or a computer. Imagine your child tyring to concentrate in hot and overcrowded shacks with leaking roofs, no toilets and often no chairs and tables.

Can you expect your child to remain interested and teachers to remain motivated? Anglo Platinum does not and that is why we strive to make a difference.

We have been running the schools project since 1990. It is aimed specifically at improving the quality of teaching and learning in communities surrounding its mines.

Our focus is on effective teaching and learning in maths, science, technology and literacy to restore a culture of learning. We also fund teachers' salaries and set up resource centres in partnership with the Education Department.

In North West we have spent more than R1million to renovate Motladi Kgoadigoadi Primary School in Tlhabane township and almost R1 million to add administration blocks and infrastructure to Tsope Middle School. We have spent R500000 on 41 computers with educational programmes for Boitekong Secondary School and a laboratory for Raphurele High School.

In Limpopo, the R1,6 million spent on classrooms, laboratories, sanitation and administrative blocks at Moroka Lebole and Lefakgomo secondary schools benefitted 1280 pupils last year. Seritarita School is being built at Mapela for R12 million. A development sports ground was built at Siloe School for the Blind in Ga-Chuene. In addition to the current 486, over 340 new bursaries will be provided for students at tertiary institutions.