Honouring top teachers

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

Sowetan, Telkom Foundation and the national and provincial education departments are about to introduce the most innovative, inventive, creative and inspirational teachers of technical subjects.

All the provincial departments are participating in the yearly Aggrey Klaaste Maths, Science and Technology Educator of the Year Award, whose winners will be acknowledged and rewarded in Johannesburg on March 27.

Named in honour of the late Sowetan editor-in-chief Aggrey Klaaste, the awards are part of the youth development and community development programmes of the Aggrey Klaaste Nation Building Foundation.

Klaaste started the Sowetan nation building concept, philosophy and work in 1988, at a time when South Africa was in political, social, economic and spiritual turmoil.

Apartheid's "Bantu education" policy made learning and teaching maths, physical science and technology in black schools inferior.

Facilities and equipment were also inferior. This affected the morale and competitiveness of teachers and pupils.

The award contributes towards solving the problem by unearthing, recognising, acknowledging and rewarding top-notch teachers.

These special, dedicated, committed and selfless teachers employ inventive, creative and innovative methods to supplement the meagre resources at their schools in order to make these crucial subjects exciting. They are true role models for all the teachers in South Africa.