Demand for chartered accountants

Chartered accountants work in all fields of business and finance and hold prestigious positions in the private and public sector.

The CA(SA) designation allows mobility to work in any industry of your choice. Here are some:

l CA(SA) In Public Practice


Auditors review company systems, financial statements and accounting principles while checking the accuracy of the company's financial records.

They issue an opinion on whether yearly financial statements fairly present a company's results and financial position.


Chartered accountants (CAs) in public practice advise clients on how to lawfully minimise their tax liabilities through efficient tax planning.

They submit tax returns, resolve tax problems, advise on tax implications, advise on litigation matters and help clients with their personal financial affairs.

Financial management

Budgeting, cash-flow forecasts, business plans and advice about corporate structures are skills clients expect from their advisers.

Information Technology.

Developing computer information systems to enhance business performance.

Management accounting.

Delivering information on the status of a company to enable management to make decisions about the day-to-day running of the business.

Forensic accounting.

Involves investigative accounting where fraud may be suspected.


If a company is in trouble its chances of recovery must be assessed. Receivers are involved in selling a company as a going concern and liquidators in selling off assets to pay creditors

l SA(CA) Commerce and Industry

Prepare financial statements, record, monitor and interpret financial results, devise and install reporting, cost accounting and computer systems, improve internal and production controls, develop future plans, ensure maximum financial effectiveness and efficiency

Also play the role of financial manager or accountant, financial director, treasurer, controller, company secretary, cost and management accountant, tax specialist, internal auditor and be a key member of the top management.

l SA(CA) Academia

CAs are in demand as lecturers. As academics, they not only teach, but contribute to the profession through research and are expected to take part in the development of professional standards. Many act as consultants.