Makua aims to revive school soccer

Richard Nkosi

Richard Nkosi

Former Witbank Black Aces player Steve "Disco" Makua says his academy is aimed at reviving school football in Witbank.

Makua said his Steve Disco Makua Academy will introduce tournaments for schools around Witbank from February.

He said school sports days need to be revived after years of decline.

"School football no longer exists. With this initiative I'm looking at reviving it," said Makua, who resigned as coach for First Division Inland Stream side Witbank Spurs at the beginning of the season to concentrate on his academy.

"The tournaments will cater for the Under-13, 15 and 17. It will be played on Wednesdays and Fridays.

"I'm also looking at roping in school leavers whose age still qualifies them to take part.

"There are many of them around the area and most are in in town working at car washes.

"Many of these youngster have got no morals anymore, they are sniffing glue, abusing alcohol and taking drugs and I hope such an initiative can change them for the better," said Makua.

He said players who excel in the tournaments will be recommended for trials with professional deve- lopment structures.

Makua said: "We have to create a strong school sport structure, so that every child, regardless of background, has the opportunity to take part, compete and excel in sport."