Council owes me, says businessman

ANGRY: Mashego's wants his money. Pic. Elijar Mushiana. © Sowetan.
ANGRY: Mashego's wants his money. Pic. Elijar Mushiana. © Sowetan.

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

A Polokwane, Limpopo, businessman is furious after the Polokwane Municipality failed to pay him more than two months after he had provided his services.

Peter Mashego, managing director of Maiboye Construction, has accused the municipality of delaying payment for services rendered.

He apparently won a tender to supply water to the Makotopong community near the University of Limpopo's Turfloop campus in May.

Mashego, 52, says he completed the project in September, but several attempts to claim his money from the municipality have drawn a blank.

He said he was sent from pillar to to post each time he approached officials at the municipality to inquire about his money.

"I do not know whether the municipality is prepared to pay me or not. I feel helpless," said an angry Mashego.

He said the municipal project manager responsible for water supply could not give him answers as to where the delay in paying him lay.

"Much as I do not want to see a situation where relations between my company and the municipality get strained because of the delays in paying me, I also do not want to face a black Christmas because of irresponsible officials, who seem to be afraid to take responsibility for their actions," he said.

Of concern to Mashego is the fact that no one from the municipality wants to inform him if any progress is being made in regard to paying him.

"I've got a family to look after. Besides, I also have suppliers to pay and workers who rely on me for wages. Now I feel the municipality is frustrating me by ducking and diving each time I try to call them," Mashego said.

He said he was now in arrears with his suppliers because of the "municipality's incompetence".

"I feel it is time that someone must tell me what exactly is happening with my money.

"What would happen should I die before I get paid?" he asked.

Municipal spokesman Simon Mokoatedi said a report should first be submitted with the bid adjudication committee before payment could be effected.

"In Mashego's case, payment will be made before the end of next week. We wish to apologise for the inconvenience we might have caused him," he said.