Recycling is a chain of spin-offs for small businesses

The world is going environmentally friendly. In a word, green.

The world is going environmentally friendly. In a word, green.

Recycling is a diamond mine for small businesses. Many products can be created out of recycling as the world harnesses eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Little capital is required to set up a small collection and recycling business because all you need are things that other people no longer want. That's the main reason why recycling businesses are so popular among smaller manufactures.

Small-scale manufacturers and community-based entrepreneurs are ideal for the recycling industry.

While the industry is tightly controlled by a few major players, there are still many opportunities for small operators.

The good thing about the industry is that materials are abundant, easy to obtain and cost little or nothing.

Locally recycled products have the potential to earn foreign currency, and good opportunities are opening up for exporting such goods.

The industry is more accessible because you do not need new material to make new products. Rather than using raw materials, you use materials that have been used already and create new products.

Because of its environment and social and economic benefits, recycling is also supported by government and business. This, in turn, creates many sustainable business opportunities for recycling manufacturers.

Recycling is profitable because it uses less energy to create new products from recycled materials. For example, research done in the US showed that manufacturing glass containers from recycled glass consumes 32percent less energy than using raw materials.

Using recycled products also helps to save the environment and protects raw materials which are usually taken from areas that are sensitive to the environment.

Manufacturing products from recycled materials saves energy because the materials were processed previously.

Besides the environmental and economic benefits, a recycling business also opens employment opportunities for the community by providing jobs.

The industry is diverse and there are many things small entrepreneurs can do, such as providing a number of services in the business chain.

In this diverse industry, there are also many opportunities for small entrepreneurs. You can become a collector, a sorter or a manufacturer by using recycled material.

Turning waste paper into used products can help you feed your family or you can even own your own profitable business by manufacturing organically certified products that are unique. So, use your imagination and skill and the sky is the limit for you to become a successful entrepreneur.