Oueenie, Mio join M-Power Radio

Zenoyise Madikwa

Kaya FM's husband-and-wife team of Mio and Queenie have left the hugely popular adult contemporary station.

The couple hosted the 9am to noon show from Monday to Friday.

They have moved to M-Power Radio, a newly-licensed commercial radio in Nelspruit, where they will host a breakfast show from Monday to Friday.

Sources close to the couple say the two have been unhappy at Kaya.

"They always wanted to leave. People not only spoke about their programme, but also about their relationship. They were constantly under scrutiny from jealous colleagues, though they tried to be professional while at work," said a source.

Queenie downplayed the problems as "normal work squabbles".

"Where there are people there will always be problems. These things happen everywhere. We did not concern ourselves with them as long as we were happy with our immediate team."

Queenie said they left for reasons of professional growth. "The move was motivated by many things, among them the fact that we wanted to be part of history because the station is new. We are still young and there is no harm in exploring."

The two have been replaced by T-Bose .

M-Power is managed by Bondo Ntuli, previously YFM's programme manager. He resigned because of alleged differences with new chief executive Kanthan Pillay.