PAC blocks sheriff

Kingdom Mabuza

Kingdom Mabuza

Members of the PAC yesterday blocked the sheriff of the court from removing furniture from the cash-strapped party's head office in Johannesburg.

The party allegedly owes more than R1million to service providers and businesses.

Party spokesman Mudini Maivha tried to downplay the illegal incident.

"Like any consumer of services we do get reminders from creditors. The sheriff was in the office to remind us of our debt, but there were no attempts to remove furniture," said Maivha.

He said PAC president Letlapa Mphahlele "had been stumbling over debt incurred by the party" since he became leader last year.

The PAC's financial woes took a turn for the worse recently when members crossed the floor to other parties and withheld their monthly contributions.

Funding has dried up since the unbanning of political parties in the 1990s and they rely on shrinking membership to raise funds. Many believe the party itself exists on borrowed time.