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Canaan Mdletshe

Police at Emanguzi in northern KwaZulu-Natal are still looking for the owners of stolen livestock they impounded while the animals were transported in a Fiat Uno last week.

Two officers were patrolling in Pelindaba when they received information that two cows and two goats were being loaded into a Fiat Uno.

The officers sped to the scene and spotted the vehicle as it drove off. When the driver, a suspected cattle rustler, saw the cops he abandoned the vehicle and fled into the bushes.

Constable Sphiwe Mthembu then drove the vehicle and its "occupants" to the police station.

Mthembu said stock theft was common in the area.

Last month police in the area recovered two cows and seven goats in a stolen Toyota Tazz, suggesting that cattle thieves were now using stolen sedans to transport their booty.

Mthembu said no arrests had been made and investigations were continuing.

"At this stage no one has come forward to claim the animals, but we are hoping that if they see the pictures they will come forward," he said.

Three months ago police intercepted a minibus in northern KwaZulu-Natal which was transporting 32 stolen goats.

More than 15000 cows, 7000 sheep and 900 goats have been stolen in KwaZulu-Natal this year.

The cattle are stolen by syndicates of commercial and subsistence farmers and sold on the black market.