Distance learning helps employees to study further without having to resign from their jobs

Many South Africans are faced with a serious dilemma.

How can they study further in order to qualify for a better salary or promotion and still continue to earn an income?

Well, there is an excellent solution which has been endorsed by the Minister of Education, Naledi Pandor. It is called distance learning and is affordable, allows you to study after hours, in your own time, submit all your work via the post and you can keep working if you wish.

One of the leading distance learning colleges in South Africa, Lyceum College offers higher education in the field of traffic and metropolitan policing, fleet management, teaching and management.

Sowetan spoke to Lyceum general manager Waldo Hattingh about distance learning.

S: Why distance learning?

WH: It's the best way to improve your skills, without having to resign from your job. So, if you are a teacher who wants to study further, a traffic officer looking for a promotion or a driver who wants to become the manager of your fleet, studying through Lyceum College is a really good option.

S: What are its advantages?

WH: Distance learning students can study in their own time and over a specified period. So they can keep earning a wage and living a full life while studying. It is also more affordable than face-to-face studying. Wis With Lyceum you can enrol at any time of the year at your convenience.

S: How can distance learning help address South Africa's skills gap?

WH: In many ways. For example, Lyceum's Traffic and Police Management course will help address the shortage of traffic and metro policing skills. This is particularly vital before World Cup 2010, which will bring with it increased traffic volumes on the roads and will require additional manpower to ensure smooth flow.

Another key area which Lyceum has responded to is helping teachers upskill themselves in order to efficiently deliver outcomes-based curricula to their students.

Other distance learning colleges are also able to offer diplomas and degrees across a wide variety of much-needed vocations.

S: Is your Fleet Management school also in high demand?

WH: Definitely, because 85percent of new vehicles sold in South Africa each year are purchased with company money either as fleet pool vehicles, company cars or through car allowance schemes. Our Fleet Management school enhances people's skills to effectively manage all aspects of a company's fleet of vehicles.

For more information on the Lyceum stable visit www.lyceum.co.za or contact Lyceum College on 0860 100 705 for assistance.