Disco queen rediscovers old beat

Brenda Nkuna. 15/08/07. © Unknown.
Brenda Nkuna. 15/08/07. © Unknown.

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

New disco Queen Brenda Nkuna, who enjoys success with her debut album My Sister, believes that there is room for old school disco music.

Her eight-track album, which features songs in isiZulu, Xitsonga and English, has the vibe.

"I think that there is room for disco music, just like it was in the 1980s.

"I deliberately created a disco album because currently many musicians are shying away from performing and recording disco music.

"My question is what happens to those fans who were into old disco?

My music tries to recapture that era, when groups like Chimora and Mercy Pakela's music defined it," she says.

Nkuna, pictured, started dancing and singing at the age of six.

When she went to Gashanae High School near Pretoria her teachers noticed her talent and encouraged her to consider pursuing a career in music.

Though this is Nkuna's debut album, she has vast experience as a dancer and backing vocalist for Penny Penny, Esta M, Majoy and Chikumetani, among others.

She is also well travelled as a singer, having performed in Qatar, Mali and Zambia.

"As a backing vocalist and dancer for other groups, I have learned quite a lot about showbiz and now I feel I am ready to release my own album," says the Pretoria-born artist.