Surplus of empty seats echo

Sean Daly

Sean Daly

She's only 25 years old, but after Saturday's show, she must feel 50.

It's not easy being Beyonce these days. Sure, she's incredibly rich, she's beautiful and, unlike many of her peers, she has talent. But her Saturday show at the St Pete Times Forum, in Tampa, was a reminder that these are fickle days in the music industry.

Beyonce drew just a few thousand fans to her local stop at a joint that seats more than 20000.

Attendance figures were not made available, but before the show, fans in the second and third levels were invited to occupy the good seats, which I have never seen done before at a forum show.

It should have been pandemonium, but it wasn't another sign that plenty of seats were available.

The truth is that these are the downloadable days of disposable pop - staying in power means two weeks on the charts.