Drum call to sidestep crime

Simon Nare

Simon Nare

Welkom youth declared war on crime when they recently signed a pledge not to engage in criminal activities.

The signing happened during a tour of Kroonstad Prison, where they were exposed to the realities of prison life.

The visit was arranged by the police and members of Doing Right Until Midnight (Drum), an anti-crime organisation.

The purpose of the trip was to educate the young people about life in prison and discourage them from taking drugs.

Constable Mokwaqo Makhobalo said: "We wanted the youth to realise that crime does not pay and that life in prison is not a luxury."

He said most young people commit crimes because of peer pressure.

Drum's Shadrack Seloana said young people should not abuse drugs because drug use can lead them to commit crimes.

He said his organisation was aimed at encouraging the youth to be involved in sports and cultural activities.

"The objective of the organisation is also to teach young people to live a drug free life and to rehabilitate those who are using drugs," he said.