Toyota sales take a Quantum leap

Lihle Mtshali

Lihle Mtshali

The Toyota Quantum looks set to zoom past the popular Toyota Hi-Ace, recent vehicle sales figures have revealed.

June vehicle sales statistics placed the Hi-Ace in position 15 on the top seller list, while the Quantum, which was launched a little over two years ago, was at number 18. This is despite the fact that a 10-seater Quantum bus costs close to R67000 more than a 12-seater Hi-Ace.

Asked if the increase in demand for the Quantum could be attributed to government's taxi recapitalisation programme, Brian Eades, general manager for marketing communications at Toyota, said the taxi industry was not the biggest buyer of the Quantum. "The difference between the Siyaya Hi-Ace and the Quantum is that Siyaya is sold exclusively as a taxi model, whereas the Quantum can be used for the transportation of goods, for purposes of tourism and even by big families," said Eades.

Toyota manufactures about 900 Hi-Ace's every month and, according to Eades, every last one is sold by the end of the month.

The Quantum, which is not only manufactured as a bus but also as a panel van, has more comfort features than the Hi-Ace and that could be another reason why organisations, such as shuttle and ambulance services, are now opting for that vehicle instead of the Hi-Ace.