Scorpions advocate 'like a demigod'

Khanyisile Nkosi

Khanyisile Nkosi

The credibility of a Nigerian alleged to be a fraudster, who has accused a Scorpions senior advocate of corruption, was tested in the Johannesburg high court yesterday.

Dijbril Issa Mohamedou was testifying against Portia Kgantsi, who is alleged to have extorted R40000 from him and from John Afolobi, who died in custody.

Mohamedou said the money was in exchange for their freedom.

Kgantsi, 39, of Faerie Glen, Pretoria, has pleaded not guilty to charges of corruption, attempted theft, defeating the ends of justice and lying about a previous conviction.

Mohamedou said that shortly after he and Afolobi were arrested for fraud in August, Kgantsi visited them in jail and offered to "help" them.

He said Kgantsi was given R9000 with which to pay her contact to validate Afolobi's passport and R3000 for her travelling expenses.

Mohamedou said he and Afolobi blew the whistle on Kgantsi when she demanded that they pay R315000 into her husband's bank account.

Cross-examined about the dates on which the bribes were solicited, Mohamedou said: "I know the incidents very well but I don't remember the dates and times. She came to see us . sometimes three times in one day. She was like a demigod to us because . she brought us good news."

Johan Pretorius, for Kgantsi, read an extract from Mohamedou's statement in which he mentioned the date on which a bribe was allegedly solicited.

He said it was strange that Mohamedou could not remember the dates under cross-examination.