Popcru, VIP unit differ on causes of police suicides

Thozi Manyisana

Thozi Manyisana

Members of the police and prisons union Popcru in the Eastern Cape legislature are planning to visit a suicidal colleague who shot and killed a woman at the weekend.

It is alleged that the police constable drew his firearm and shot his girlfriend in front of patrons at Man's Tavern in King William's Town before turning the gun on himself. He is reportedly in a serious condition at St Dominics Hospital in East London.

Popcru claims that the policeman killed his 29-year-old girlfriend because of "stressful working conditions".

But the head of VIP protection services, Director Abraham Goss, yesterday described the shooting as "a passion killing".

It is claimed that the policeman shot the woman after he "learnt" that she was spending time with another man inside the tavern.

It is alleged that this is the second VIP protection services' member to shoot himself in a love-related incident.

Popcru says a policeman shot and wounded himself last month after his wife found him with a girlfriend.

He is currently in a serious condition in hospital.

The union said the two incidents had occurred because of "bad working conditions" within the VIP unit.

But Goss said he was surprised that Popcru attributed these incidents to poor working conditions.

"This was purely a family and private matter. It was a killing of passion," said Goss, adding that the firearm used was "private" and not a VIP unit-issued gun.