Who is the oldest living person?

Getrude Makhafola

Getrude Makhafola

There appears to be confusion as to who the world's oldest living person is.

Sapa last week reported the death of Winniefred Bertrand, a Canadian woman who, aged 115 at the time of her death last week, was believed to have been the world's oldest living person.

The report said that Bertrand had inherited the title from Elizabeth Bolden in the US, who was 116 when she died last year.

The Guinness Book of Records lists Emma Tillman, 114, of the US, as the oldest living person, having assumed the title from Puerto Rican, Emiliano del Toro, who was 115 when he died on Wednesday.

Sowetan published a story last year about Moloko Temo, of Limpopo, whose identity document records that she was born in 1874.

Aged 132, she therefore appears to be the oldest person alive.

"We have sent all the documents through to Guinness' offices in England for verification. We hope that she will be included in next year's Guinness Book of World Records compilation," said Limpopo businessman Tom Boya, who is helping the Temo family to get Guinness to recognise her as the oldest person ever.

The debate over who the oldest person continues unabated.