This German babe is going to cause havoc

Mabuyane Kekana

Mabuyane Kekana

Our old rich neighbour used to say that a car is not a car unless it is a Mercedes- Benz.

I would patiently listen to him defending the Merc until his voice grew hoarse.

Then I grew up. Now I share his sentiments.

Mercedes-Benz's are conservative, but they are also lounges on wheels.

I received calls from die-hard Merc, particularly C-Class, fans obviously excited about the new one.

Some say they can't wait for this creation to come home.

By the looks of things, this German babe is going to cause havoc. Remember what the existing one did when it came on to the market? This one is said to have enough safety, comfort and agility and these, according to the marque, are some of the outstanding attributes of the new C-Class.

Mercedes-Benz offers three individual models that emphasise either comfort or agility.

The design of the new C-Class is based on the modern Mercedes-Benz idiom, which reflects the technical distinction, bearing the star with taut lines and large, tranquil surfaces. The pronounced wedge-shape of the front end serves to emphasise attributes such as performance.

According to the company, it is the first time that a Mercedes-Benz saloon's radiator grille has been used as a distinguishing feature to position the model variants more clearly.

In the Elegance model Mercedes-Benz employs a three-dimensional, louvred radiator grille with a high-gloss paint finish to accentuate other brand-typical attributes such as comfort and luxury. The Classic model in the new C-Class is more restrained and traditional, but offers the same technical innovations as the other two model variants.

All the models offer the same, extraordinary driving experience that the saloon provides with technical improvements.

In the petrol range, the output of the entry-level C180 Kompressor has increased from the previous 105kW to 115kW, with maximum torque improved from 220Nm to 230Nm. The C 200 Kompressor develops 15kW more than before. It has an output of 135kW and generates its maximum torque of 250Nm from 2800rpm

The new C-Class will be in South Africa in August.