List of targeted vehicles found after spate of thefts

Kamva Mokoena

Kamva Mokoena

Detectives in Kokstad in KwaZulu-Natal have stumbled upon a "hit list" of 51 cars they believe were targeted by syndicates operating in the area.

On Friday police noticed three men apparently scouting vehicles parked in the street. The men fled when police approached them.

But one dropped a piece of paper containing the list which is believed to refer to targeted cars.

Kokstad has been hit by a spate of car thefts and hijackings in recent months. More than 15 vehicles have been stolen since December.

Police suspect the cars were stolen by criminals from the Eastern Cape. In recent weeks vehicles stolen in Kokstad were recovered in areas such as Libode, Mount Frere and Mthatha.

The vehicles are owned by police officers, teachers and people working for government departments.

Senior Superintendent Sybil Nyawo refused to comment saying that to do so would tip off syndicates as to their operations.

She warned vehicle owners to be cautious.