Stepfather on rape charge

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

A 13-year-old girl is being forced to live like a hermit.

She is being punished by her family for revealing that her stepfather raped her and made her pregnant.

The girl made the revelation after she was told by nurses at a local clinic that she was five months pregnant.

She went to the clinic complaining of vomiting and a headache - but tests confirmed that she was expecting a baby.

She told the nurses that her stepfather was the father of her child and that he had sexually molested her since January.

On hearing the news, the nurses called the police and a 50-year-old Zionist Christian Church pastor from Khethakone in Bolobedu was arrested.

The girl said her stepfather raped her whenever her mother was away.

The nurses said the girl told them that she had no choice but to have sex with her stepfather, who threatened to disown her and stop paying her school fees if she refused.

Sources in the village said the girl was rebuked by her mother and other relatives for confiding in the nurses and police.

They said the mother was aware of the situation but kept quiet to protect her marriage.

"The incident affected the child deeply and I doubt that she will pass her exams," said a teacher at the local school

Bolobedu police confirmed the arrest of the ZCC pastor on a charge of rape.