I had panic attacks and anxiety‚ says Sonia Sedibe on dark days

Veteran actress Sonia Sedibe has reflected on the pain and turmoil she felt in the months after her divorce‚ revealing that she struggled with panic attacks and anxiety breakdowns that saw her seek professional help.

In an interview with True Love magazine‚ Sonia said the rumours of her going broke shortly after her divorce affected her and led to sleepless nights.

“Those rumours ate me up inside‚ to the point where I went to see a kinesiologist . That was three years ago. I felt stuck. I couldn’t break out of the media tabloid rut I’d found myself in...I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety breakdowns. I stressed about how to transition from the life I lived to a new one‚ where I was now alone. I was scared‚” she said.

Sonia said the perception that divorced women “lose out” financially after they leave their husbands was not true and she never felt like she had to answer to anyone about her financial situation.

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“I won’t go out of my way to prove myself to anyone. Those close to me know I’m comfortable. People who’ve been in my life and visited me know that I’m doing well. There isn’t a day when guests visit and I won’t feed them. I take my kids on holiday. I don’t need to post on social media to prove my financial situation‚” Sonia said.

The rumours came at a time when Sonia was absent from screens and was recovering from a mini-stroke.

Speaking to Sowetan shortly after the rumours wreaked havoc in 2014‚ Sonia said she did not care what was written about her because she knew her truth.

“I know my truth. I know that when I go to my house it’s a family home. My children are so happy to see me‚ they even scream. I don’t need to prove a point‚” she said.