South African theatre lovers are in for a treat

A Passage to Bollywood Picture: Supplied
A Passage to Bollywood Picture: Supplied

An Indian spectacular is making its way onto our shores.

The theatre production ‘A Passage To Bollywood’ will be showing at the Joburg Theatre from 21st of June 2017.

The story is of a young boy who makes his way from the village to the city to live out his dreams. His journey finds him meeting various interesting characters; chief amongst these is a gangster and a burlesque dancer.

Guests are promised a kaleidoscope of colour, action, music, dancing and a lot of drama.

‘It’s a story that says love and friendship is forever” says Ashley Lobo Artistic Director and choreographer.  

Lobo who hasn’t showcased in this country before stated that he’s expecting a warm reception from South African audiences.

“For me personally I think South Africans are a lot like Indians, they’re very family orientated very emotional, very friendly and warm.  So, I’m expecting them to connect [with the show] like we do in India. The story is a family story, naturally anything that is emotional will make a connection,” Lobo explained.

Lobo went on to state that the show has very universal themes like love, heartbreak and laughter which will make it work anywhere in the world. 

The action-packed extravaganza will be energetic and provide an opportunity for audiences to witness a Bollywood movie brought to life on stage.

“Expect to be taken on a journey” he ended