Dr Malinga wants to be recognised with an award

Dr Malinaga performing on the night. Picture credit: Veli Nhlapo.
Dr Malinaga performing on the night. Picture credit: Veli Nhlapo.

Dr Malinga believes it's about time he gets recognised for his musical prowess.

The Akulaleki hitmaker believes he should win an award in 2017. Especially in the Song of the Year category.

He has had at least one hit song every year since 2013 and has never received a gong for any of them. He believes the time is now.

His song, Akulaleki which was arguably one of the biggest songs in 2016 - up there with Babes Wodumo's Wololo and King Monada's Moreki - was beaten by newcomer Mroza's Van Damme for SABC's Summer Song of the Year.

"As much as I know that I'm successful, you know, because success is something else, I don't have to have a Lamborghini to show you that I'm successful, I know where I come from. But I wish to have an award.

"I know I have gigs but wish to have a Song of the Year [award]. I'm nominated already but just to win those. I failed to win the award that I wanted so much in my life because I once said to myself that 'I want to win the Best Newcomer' but I already came. I came and they nominated me after three years," he explained.

He said that it doesn't matter which award ceremony it is, he just wants wants a Song of the Year for his hit song Akulaleki.

"Guys I want an award but I'm not desperate hence I'm doing nice music and then one person will decide on their own that am I worth it or not because at the end of the day you can canvas but it takes an individual in their corner to say he deserves it."

Kalawa Jazmee

Dr Malinga left Oskido's label Kalawa Jazmee and started his own Lingas Entertainment as part of pursuing his dream of making unknown artists and producers known.

He has however set the record clear on his departure saying that there is no bad blood between him and Oskido.

"I left Kalawa, it's a history, many years ago, the contract ended we didn't fight with Kalawa. It's because the contract ended and then I respected them in that term, the five years contract."

"I think I left in 2015 or 2014 I'm not sure because I was just pushing Lingas Entertainment.

"Lingas Entertainment and Kalawa don't have a relationship, hence they are not partners. So we can say the relationship between Dr Malinga and Oskido is still fine but between Lingas Entertainment and Kalawa Jazmee there's no relationship," he explained.


Dr Malinga released his second album Goodwill and he says it's doing well, mostly because he's not only depending on the likes of iTunes and music stores for sales but he's also selling from the boot of his car.

"Goodwill is doing very well, I'm also selling from my boot you know, it's also in Musica and, many store including iTunes. People are loving the album. It's a double disc album so it's doing very well," he said.

In this album, Dr Malinga opted to cater for all his fan including the non-house loving fans. One disc is catered for house fans while the other disc is Afro Jazz.

"The album is different because it's a different year, that means we are growing at the end of the day we have to grow you can't do the 2014 stuff."

"I did it [double disc] because there are people who knew Dr Malinga before I was known in this world. Your Hammanskraal people, your Siyabuswa people, they know Dr Malinga. Those people came to me and begged me that I must go back to my roots, they were so hungry for the Afro Jazz side of me because they know when I do Afro Jazz I nail it."