Nasty C: I don’t want an average Roc Nation contract

Rapper Nasty C may be on the verge of signing to Jay Z’s popular music management company Roc Nation but he says he won’t settle for any old run-of-the-mill contract.

Talking to TMG Entertainment on Tuesday‚ Nasty C said that he was contacted by Roc Nation recently to set up a meeting for later this month.

“I got a call from Roc Nation Africa who asked if I was signed to anyone. I told them I wasn’t and they said that they would be in touch. A few minutes later I got a call from Roc Nation in New York. It sounded like they were in a boardroom. They told me that they wanted to meet with me when they come to South Africa‚ which should be in the course of the month‚” he says.

Nasty says that he is excited for the meeting but is aware that anything can happen.

“They want to do business but it could be anything. I’m not getting ahead of myself‚ he said. “It might be that they try to sign me but I’m not here to be signed.”

Nasty C‚ who is yet to sign to a record label‚ says that Roc Nation would need to bring something special to the table to tempt him to sign a record deal with them.

“I don’t want an average Roc Nation contract. I don’t want a set standard record deal. I want something different. I’ve seen the language they use in contracts and I’ve seen enough people get blindsided so I’m cautious about contracts. Maybe I’ve just got my guard up.”