Soapie teasers for Zabalaza: December

Monday, 1 December: Where There’s A Will - Ray (Loyiso MacDonald) comes to the conclusion that he doesn’t have what Lindiwe (Zandile Msutwana) needs. David (Thamie Sithole) snoops around his superior’s office. Mthunzi (Mpho Molepo) and Beauty (Manaka Ranaka) put their plan into action.

Tuesday, 2 December: Going Back Home

A daughter/sister finally returns home. David (Thamie Sithole) is willing to go against the law to catch an enemy. Ntsika (Khulu Skenjana) agrees to go along with Mthunzi’s (Mpho Molepo) idea, not knowing he’s been told a half-truth.

Wednesday, 3 December: Plans Gone Awry

Ray (Loyiso MacDonald) is jealous when he sees his woman comforting a friend. David (Thamie Sithole) is a man on his own mission and Neli (Mbali Ntuli) wears her heart on her sleeve.

Thursday, 4 December: Things Fall Apart

Sponono (Lindiwe Ndlovu) drops a bombshell on the family. David (Thamie Sithole) asks for Gasta’s (Baby Cele) blessing to implement his dangerous plan. Ntsika (Khulu Skenjana) makes a confession to Neli (Mbali Ntuli).

Monday, 8 December: A Shattered House

Neli (Mbali Ntuli) doesn’t understand why Moss (Matli Mohapeloa) is avoiding her. With Lindiwe’s (Zandile Msutwana) secret out in the open, tensions arise in the Morapama household.

Tuesday, 09 December: Confrontations & Comfort

Lindiwe (Zandile Msutwana) experiences an “aha” moment. David (Thamie Sithole) and Ray’s (Loyiso MacDonald) plan to catch the criminals is in motion, but will it pan out? Neli (Mbali Ntuli) realises why Moss (Matli Mohapeloa) has been avoiding her.

Wednesday, 10 December: The Final Countdown

Lindiwe (Zandile Msutwana) is ready to use her power to help others. Moss (Matli Mohapeloa) makes it difficult for Neli (Mbali Ntuli) to tell him the truth.

Thursday, 11 December: All Change

David (Thamie Sithole) and Ray (Loyiso MacDonald) make their final preparations. Moss's (Matli Mohapeloa) pain over Neli (Mbali Ntuli) continues. Ray’s (Loyiso MacDonald) jealous streak is ignited when Lindi (Zandile Msutwana) re-establishes her old friendships.

Monday, 15 December: Red Alert

David (Thamie Sithole) interrupts a family game evening. Mthunzi (Mpho Molepo) and Beauty (Manaka Ranaka) pretend to be concerned about Neli's (Mbali Ntuli) relationship with Moss (Matli Mohapeloa), but they have ulterior motives.

Tuesday, 16 December: Hide/Seek

Ntsika (Khulu Skenjana) is too preoccupied to pay attention to Neli’s (Mbali Ntuli) warning. Moss (Matli Mohapeloa) finally hears the truth.

Wednesday, 17 December: Guilt Games

Ntsika (Khulu Skenjana) is trying to make sense of what Neli (Mbali Ntuli) told him. Moss (Matli Mohapeloa) realises he wants a future with the woman who has his heart.

Thursday, 18 December

Game is Over: Neli (Mbali Ntuli) and Moss (Matli Mohapeloa) realise the difficulty of sharing their joy with the family. David (Thamie Sithole) does the unthinkable.

Monday, 22 December: Collateral Damage

Will Neli (Mbali Ntuli) stop Ntsika (Khulu Skenjana) from making a grave mistake? Gasta (Baby Cele) is not fully convinced that her son can commit to anything. All the drama that’s going on with Moss (Matli Mohapeloa) is making KG (Nonhle Thema) emotional.

Tuesday, 23 December: Cover Stories

Beauty (Baby Cele) gives Ntsika (Khulu Skenjana) her honest opinion. Neli (Mbali Ntuli) is lost in an illusion. David (Thamie Sithole) is suspicious as to what really happened.

Wednesday, 24 December: Incy Wincy Spider

Ray (Loyiso MacDonald) commends David (Thamie Sithole) on a job well done. Lindiwe (Zandile Msutwana) reacts strangely to the news of a death. Mthunzi (Mpho Molepo) convinces Ntsika (Khulu Skenjana) to follow his lead.

Thursday, 25 December: Appearances Are Deceiving

Kgomotso (Nonhle Thema) discovers something she wasn’t expecting and is rather happy about the news. Mbali (Kagiso Rakosa) tests Ntsika (Khulu Skenjana). Ray (Loyiso MacDonald) convinces David (Thamie Sithole) to show Lindiwe (Zandile Msutwana) irrefutable proof that the saga is over.

Monday, 29 December: Death Scare

Neli’s (Mbali Ntuli) illusions appear to be leading her towards the point of no return. Beauty (Manaka Ranaka) is suspicious of Mthunzi (Mpho Molepo) when he lies about his whereabouts. Danger strikes at the club.

Tuesday, 30 December: Bad Memories

Mthunzi (Mpho Molepo) forces Beauty (Manaka Ranaka) to lie again, pushing her to breaking point. Something is wrong with KG (Nonhle Thema). Moss (Matli Mohapeloa) has a lot to deal with and it’s too much to handle.

Wednesday, 31 December: Truth Hurts

KG (Nonhle Thema) is forced to re-evaluate her behaviour. Beauty’s (Manaka Ranaka) lies bring the case to conclusion. Neli’s (Mbali Ntuli) dreams start to reveal deep truths that she can no longer ignore.

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