‘Not HIV positive’: K.O from Teargas

Local hip hop group Teargas member Ntokozo K.O. Mdluli has posted his HIV test results on Instagram to squash rumours about his health.

Rapper K.O became a trending topic on twitter last week after a recent photo of him was published.

Many began linking his weight loss to HIV even comparing him to R Mashesha from Big Nuz who was also subjected to these kinds of rumours last year.

K.O manager, Thabiso Khati, lashed out at those spreading rumours during an interview with website ZaLebs.

"KO gyms and cycles everyday, he used to be chunky but he's now in good shape and living a healthy lifestyle. He doesn't drink or smoke or anything. There's no story here," he was quoted saying.

The rapper made the decision to put the rumours to rest yesterday by publicising the results of his HIV test.

The rapper posted a short clip of himself taking the rapid finger prick test at his doctor’s office, followed by an image of his negative test results.

However it seems that this was not enough to appease those baying for his blood as soon after posting the results many started questioning the accuracy of the test saying that he should take another test after 3 months.

His response to that was: “Its not the 1st time I post my HIV test results. Been testing at least twice a yr for the past 5 years! So f**k all this window-period-talk!”

It’s not all bad news for the rapper, his new single ‘Caracara’ is doing very well (Video almost at 300k views on Youtube) and his loyal fans are sticking by him no matter what.