Album for JZ vote

pro- ZUMA:
       Maskandi group Izingane Zoma
pro- ZUMA: Maskandi group Izingane Zoma

PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma's bid for a second term as ANC leader is getting a soundtrack.

An all-female maskandi group, Izingane Zoma, who are staunch Zuma supporters advocate for his re-election with their latest album, Dark or Blue JZ Second Term.

The album will hit the shelves on Friday next week.

The group, which predicted that Zuma would be president in 2008, says he will be re-elected as ANC leader whether people like it or not.

"The title [of the album] says it all," Shobeni Khuzwayo, the group's producer, says.

"We are speaking to those who still doubt that Zuma will be re-elected.

"Most of the our songs are inspired by dreams. That is why our predictions become a reality," Khuzwayo says.

He says Zuma deserves a second term because of the work he has done. The group reckons Zuma has changed the lives of many people through the development of infrastructure.

The queens of maskandi music are no strangers to controversy.

During Zuma's rape trial the group publicly declared its support for him.

They even raised funds by holding a festival and donated the money to the Friends of Jacob Zuma Foundation.

Meanwhile, Tholakele Ngobese, who left Izingane Zoma four years ago after a contractual dispute, is back with the group. Ngobese who left with her late sister Bongekile, is featured on the new album.