'I made it out alive' - Emtee lashes out at Xhosa initiation 'snitches'


In the wake of a raging debate that has dominated social media after the release of controversial film Inxeba (The Wound)‚ rapper Emtee has lambasted Xhosa men who "snitch" on what happens on the mountain as it is considered to be "sacred".

The film depicts the traditional ritual of ukwaluka – a Xhosa tradition into manhood – as well as sexual identity in the form of a gay love story. Ever since it was released in local cinemas on Friday people on social media have been split about it. There have also been threats of violence and protests.

Taking to social media Emtee said his culture should not be used as a social media gimmick.

It all started after the rapper revealed on Twitter that he used to be bullied as a teenager‚ and threatened anyone to try that with him now.

A Twitter follower replied to the tweet by suggesting that Emtee may have learnt to be violent during his initiation ceremony.

The rapper did not take the comment lying down and told the follower that he would not stand for his culture being "disrespected".

"Don’t disrespect my culture bruh. My culture ain’t no social media hypothesis s**t. I made it out alive and I’m proud of myself so f**k you. Face me!‚" he said.

The rapper went on to tell the follower that certain parts of the Xhosa culture was not up for discussion and asked people who couldn't handle the "heat" to rather stay away from the sacred ritual.

Last year‚ the rapper said that a desire to show the people of his hometown that he was not soft or a pushover encouraged him to ask his father if he could undergo the Xhosa initiation ceremony to become a man.

"People thought I was weak and that I was soft. I had to show them I wasn't soft. I had a point to prove. So‚ I went to my dad‚ sat him down‚ and told him that I wanted to go to initiation school. My relatives‚ grandfathers and great grandfathers had all done it and I wasn't any different. I knew it was what I needed to do. I needed to be independent. I came out more fierce‚" the rapper said at the time.

The rapper has also spoken out against Inxeba.

"Our ancestors did not walk around with video recorders and why should we do that now? It is wrong. I don't even want to watch it. It is sacred. You can't go around town just blabbing about the ceremony or showing it‚" he said.