The future of SA men’s fashion post-Covid 19

01 May 2020 - 00:00
A model wears a creation by Ephymol by Ephraim Molingoana at the  SA Fashion Week.
Image: Veli Nhlapo A model wears a creation by Ephymol by Ephraim Molingoana at the SA Fashion Week.

A men’s fashion culture has been on the rise with more men wanting to look stylish and sophisticated. Ephymol creator Ephraim Molingoana is continually inspired by South Africa’s infused fashion culture to create designs and fashion that are reflective of the SA man into the unpredictable future.    

SA menswear designer Ephraim Molingoana of Ephymol shares with us his predictions and aspirations for future of the Mzansi man.

What is the next trend for SA men’s fashion this season?

High-end sport-luxe in layered looks, monochromes, and checks. Exotic prints are also making their style statement so look out for Indian and snake prints. Coats with oversized pockets and metallic detailing make for an interesting feature. Men’s wide-legged trousers are a favourite but a well- tailored suit is still a popular choice.  

What is the one item that men should have in their wardrobe?

A tailored suit that you can wear to all occasions, whether is it black, grey, or charcoal. It must be tailored and not just your ordinary suit. A not-so-much on the expensive side is the denim trouser as it is multi-purpose for men.

Which male SA celeb embodies your design aesthetic and why?

Actor and media personality Lunga Shabalala embodies who I want to dress. When he dresses he looks exotic and good. He has a beautiful body and radiant skin. Another gorgeous person is the athlete Akani Simbane. He embodies masculinity but without being too masculine. His style is sporty luxe. They are both experimental with their style.  

Which SA celeb’s style inspires you and why?

Riky Rick. He is a gem. He bravely entertains fashion and fabric, and personalises fashion and style with ease. He goes beyond the boundaries – you can place him anywhere in the world and he would fit in. He is a breath of fresh air and looks exquisite when he dresses.

What is it about SA menswear culture that inspires you to design?

We (South Africans) are in Africa and we epitomise all the cultures. We have such a huge culture that we can tap into from the different backgrounds of our culture. And we infuse that with a western culture that has been embedded in our culture for so many years. From your ’50s to your ’90s, SA men have been at the forefront when coming to fashion and istyle.

What does the future of SA men’s fashion hold?

We are facing a new era and a new world. We are going to pick up from where we stopped and start embracing the new different format of the world. We have a new canvas that we will be working on, although the old elements of men’s fashion are still going to pop up because we are more eager to be more experimental yet again and inspired, despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is the reality that we will now have to do things differently altogether – from fashion, fabrics and clothing because it’s all about protection and awareness. There will still be die-hards of staying true to the old aesthetic of wearing clothes, and then there will be the new ventures that will add to the old aesthetic. It’s going to look even better.