Warning over xenophobic attacks

THE xenophobic attacks against foreigners living in South Africa have not stopped.

That's according to controversial cleric Bishop Paul Verryn, who was speaking at an anti-xenophobia rally in Durban on Saturday.

Verryn, who was suspended in January and reinstated three months later, uses the Johannesburg Central Methodist Church as a shelter for destitute migrants, most of them from Zimbabwe.

The rally was organised by the Community-Building Project activists, the KwaZulu-Natal Refugee Council and the Durban Social Forum to raise concern about the resurgence of xenophobic violence after the World Cup.

Last week South African Human Rights Commission chairperson Lawrence Mushwana said the rumours were "just a threat" but that they were ready to take them seriously.

But Durban activists said they wanted safe havens set up for foreigners who might find themselves in dangerous situations.

Trevor Ngwane of the University of KwaZulu-Natal's Durban Social Forum backed Verryn's views.

He said there were grave concerns about the safety of foreigners following the World Cup that ends next Sunday.

"We would like to see the same effort applied to make the World Cup a success put into making sure foreigners are kept safe in this country," he said.