ANCYL leader Julius Malema appears to be off the hook.

This despite the recently created hype that he could be expelled from his mother body the ANC.

ANC spokesperson Ishmael Mnisi said yesterday there were no charges against Malema. "We are an organisation that discusses things and do not just call people to disciplinary hearings willy-nilly."

He said the meeting at Luthuli House was about the ANC raising its concerns about Malema's public utterances.

"The meeting is about relations between the mother body and its youth structure," Mnisi said.

The ANC yesterday moved to douse the fires over claims the youth leader Julius Malema faced expulsion from its ranks.

Yesterday the ANC top six met the ANCYL leadership to discuss the party's unhappiness about Malema's public behaviour.

Media reports over the weekend said ANC's general secretary Gwede Mantashe had presented Malema with a list of charges that the party intended to bring against him.

These included his endorsement of the Zanu-PF and his attack on the MDC during his recent visit to Zimbabwe; his remarks that President Jacob Zuma's public rebuke of the ANCYL was worse than former president Thabo Mbeki's treatment of the league and Malema's remarks about the late AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche.

However, ANC insiders told Sowetan that Malema would not be disciplined because Zuma's hands were tied.

They said he could not allow Malema to be disciplined without causing a rift in the party.

ANC members who were calling for Malema to be taken to the party's disciplinary hearing are apparently opposed to his endorsement of Deputy Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula, the former ANCYL president, for the position of general secretary at the party's next conference in 2012.

On the other hand, Zuma's bid to secure a second term as ANC president and head of state until 2019 is said to depend on the ANCYL supporting him at the conference.

The insiders said Zuma would not push for a disciplinary hearing against the youth league firebrand but would rebuke him for his conduct including his decision to expel a BBC journalist from a youth league press conference.

A member of the ANC NEC said it was "not practical" for the ANC top six to haul Malema before a disciplinary committee.

"The ANC has always been able to manage differences with the ANCYL and Malema will only be taken to a disciplinary hearing if he fails to heed the leadership's instructions."