MANY people regard BMW as a brand for people who dare to dream.

MANY people regard BMW as a brand for people who dare to dream.

Over the years BMW models have always evoked emotions for many fans with performance cars.

BMW surprised many when it revealed a concept car, the 5 series Gran Turismo at the Geneva Motor Show last year. And now months later it is in our showrooms.

"BMW is about innovation and not about following others' trends," said Benedict Maaga, BMW SA group communications manager.

Cape Town was the stage for the launch of the new BMW Gran Turismo.

Like the X6, the 5 Series Gran Turismo is sure to bring controversy.

According to the manufacturers, they have created a new segment that requires boldness and skill.

Though they were not expecting to sell anything more than 50 units a month, BMW have a tendency to outdo themselves.

Whether you like the design or not, the luxurious, generous and variable interior will take you by surprise.

The 5 Series Gran Turismo offers a spontaneous feeling of comfort and wellbeing.

The space and the inspiring, modern design of the interior team up to provide a truly luxurious ambience and supreme long-distance comfort.

The sleek surfaces on the front and rear door panels, merging smoothly into one another as well as the horizontal arrangement of the instrument panel, enhance the impression of generosity.

The GT was launched in three models: the 530d, 535i and the 550i.

All model variants come as standard with the eight-speed automatic transmission that used to be fitted only in the 760Li 12-cylinder luxury saloon.

The 530d is powered by the straight-six common rail diesel. The 535i has a straight-six twinpower turbo while the 550i is powered by the eight-cylinder V8 twinpower turbo engine.

Featured as standard, Dynamic Drive Control influences not only the gearshift dynamics, but also the acceleration pedal and steering assistance control map. In addition to the normal, sport and sport+ programs, the driver also has the choice of the comfort mode available directly from the Dynamic Drive Control button on the centre console.

A further point is that intervention in DSC Dynamic Stability Control is reduced in the SPORT+ setting and in the traction mode.