Zuma considering options over love child

PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma has threatened to take the media to task for the manner in which they reported on his love child with Sonono Khoza.

Zuma's spokesperson, Vincent Magwenya, told Sowetan yesterday that the president's grievance was not so much about whether the story was true or not.

"The issue is that of a constitutional principle with respect to the violation of the rights of all those involved. This was done with a total disregard of the Constitution, which protects all citizens regardless of who they are or of the positions they occupy.

"The provisions in the Bill of Rights apply to all citizens equally," Magwenya said.

The Sunday Times broke the story that Zuma had fathered his 20th child with Khoza, soccer tycoon Irvin Khoza's daughter, in October.

Magwenya said: "It will be good for some sections of the media to practise what they preach and observe the same level of respect for our Constitution that they expect of others."

Asked whether Zuma would approach the press ombudsman with his grievances, Magwenya said: "Watch this space, we are going to deal with it."

In the past Zuma threatened various media houses, journalists and cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro with lawsuits running into millions.

DA leader Helen Zille rejected the ANC's plea for the matter to be left to the Zuma family.

She said the ANC's defence of Zuma was ill-informed.

"First, it demonstrates that the ruling party does not understand the problem, or the relationship between public office and private behaviour.

"Second, the ANC does not understand that sex is a private affair. Third, the ANC does not understand the principles of good leadership."

Zille said Zuma should apologise to the nation for fathering an illegitimate child despite calling for sexually active citizens to use condoms.

"A good leader is both consistent and transparent," she said.