Cosatu condemns Sun International

COSATU in North West has launched the new year with a fresh stand-off against Sun International.

The union federation made strong condemnations against Sun International the hotel group and called for the dismissal of its chief executive, David Coutts-Trotter yesterday.

This came after failed negotiations between Sun International and its employers over six weeks towards the end of last year.

Cosatu made various claims of abuse against Sun International management, including unfair dismissals, sub-par wages (especially for workers employed through labour brokers), false accusations of theft made against certain staff members and racism.

Towards the end of the year the six-week negotiation process between them crumbled.

According to Cosatu provincial secretary Solly Pheto managers even went on holiday without reaching a resolution.

Phetoe said that between 50 and 60 workers had been dismissed at Sun City, mainly those who had been employed through labour brokers.