Our own should come first

It is peculiar to hear that we are going to offer Zimbabwe food aid, when in our own country people suffer from hunger daily.

In Cape Town alone, there are vast areas on the Cape Flats and various townships in which families are forced to hunt moles (yes, moles) to stay alive. Just how depressing is that?

Drive down certain sections of the Cape Town city centre and you will see hundreds of men standing on the sides of the roads, desperately looking for work.

They are desperate to do anything to get a few rands in their pockets in order to eat.

This is while Jacob Zuma squanders R1million a year on security. I have heard from insiders that when the ANC throws a party it is only the crème de la crème of ambrosial nouvelle cuisine and alcohol on offer.

Marie Antoinette, eat your heart out.

The South African regime has been complicit in the apocalyptic collapse of Zimbabwe. I do not mean to be churlish, but charity begins at home.

Surely, we must feed our own people, before we can even begin to offer food parcels to Zimbabwe?

Herman Lategan, Sea Point