Izinyoka dancer held over ATM rap

McKeed Kotlolo

McKeed Kotlolo

Star dancer and former member of Izinyoka kwaito group is singing "Jail House Rock" after his arrest in connection with robbery in Mpumalanga.

Brian "Gilly Majaivane" Radebe, pictured, of Daveyton, Ekurhuleni in Gauteng, popularly known for his kwaito dance during his days as a member of Sbu "Mzekezeke" Leope's kwaito group Izinyoka, was arrested with his two alleged accomplices in Delmas, Mpumalanga, two weeks ago.

Radebe, 37, Lewis Kodisang, 28, and James Motlhabine, 31, both from Daveyton, were arrested shortly after they allegedly robbed an ATM user of R850 outside a First National Bank.

Constable Ntombifuthi Mashiane of Delmas police yesterday confirmed the arrest of two gangs of robbers targeting ATMs and users in the area since the beginning of this month. Both gangs from Daveyton comprised of three members each.

Mashiane said the alleged tricksters use several methods to steal money from unsuspecting ATM users.

They would first tamper with the ATMs, pretending to experience problems in getting cash from the machine.

They would then allow the targeted cardholders to make their withdrawals and after punching in the PIN number the machine would either eject or retain the card.

By then they would have spotted the PIN number while the cardholder was punching it in.

They would then pretend to assist them and in the process swap the bank cards.

"They know exactly the different sounds for different numbers on the ATM," she said.

"After swapping the card they would use it with the correct PIN number to make withdrawals."

Radebe and the other two suspects were arrested on March 3 and appeared in the Delmas magistrate's court on Monday for bail application, which was postponed to today.

A second gang was apprehended outside the Standard Bank on Thursday last week after they allegedly robbed a bank client of R540.

Mashiane said the area experienced a number of robberies at ATMs before the arrests and she warned ATM users to be careful.