Chef fired over glass in food

Sipho Masombuka

Sipho Masombuka

A Pretoria chef has been fired for gross and intentional negligence after pieces of broken glass was found in food she had prepared.

According to her dismissal letter, Sarinah Singo, 33, of Lotus Gardens, Pretoria West, was dismissed as a chef at the trendy Cafe 41 restaurant in Centurion after an inquiry in which the Small Employer Enterprise of South Africa (Seesa) recommended that she be fired.

According to the Seesa's Thys Erasmus the glass was found in lasagne Singo had prepared.

"She admitted that there were pieces of glass in the food she prepared but denied she had put them there," Erasmus said

"Though the company could not prove she had intentionally put the glass in the food, we are talking of big chunks of glass and she should have noticed them.

"It was recommended that she be fired because it would have been bad publicity and a legal liability for the company if a customer had swallowed the glass."

Singo insisted that she was innocent and that someone had framed her.

"I prepared the food but I had no reason to harm the company or its clients by putting glass in the food," Singo said.

"Why would I risk my job when jobs are so scarce? I believe I was sabotaged because the person who spotted the glass brought my replacement."