The Vulindlela in all its glory

Phuti Mpyane

Phuti Mpyane

Local motoring journalists were the first in the world to be officially shown the new A1GP.

Powered by Ferrari, this car will contest the fourth season of the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport from September.

A1 Team South Africa hosted a media gathering last week to unveil the new car, which will be used for the next season of this international series.

The Vulindlela, painted in its new A1 Team South Africa livery, features a V8 engine designed and built by Ferrari and a brand new chassis designed in collaboration with Ferrari.

This is a new spec for the exciting series that pits nations against each other in a race format that lists street races.

With the chassis of the new cars based on the F2004 Ferrari car, the A1GP is set to be faster and more competitive in the field of racing than its predecessor.

The contract in terms of which Ferrari supplies the engines was signed last year. It is a six-year agreement according to which Ferrari will manufacture all A1GP engines and act as consultants on the design of all A1GP chassis from season four onwards.

Vulindlela, as the South African car is named, features a similar, but cleaner combination of the six colours of the South African national flag, designed to allow maximum exposure for the team's commercial partners.

These include SABC Sport and Aon at this stage.

The drivers, Adrian Zaugg and Wesley Orr, are pumped up for the task and they have been busy muscling up to handle the extra horsepower of the new Vulindlela. The two drivers are confident of a better run this season compared with last year.

A number of crucial wins have seen the team knock on the door of victory.