teens in dock for assault

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

A case of assault against nine white teenagers who allegedly beat up a black security guard was postponed to next month for further investigation.

The teenagers were not asked to plead when they appeared in the Komatipoort magistrate's court yesterday.

They are accused of badly beating up Elkin Mdaka when he tried to stop them from leaving the bar with liquor. He had insisted that they finish their drinks in the bar as is required by the rules.

Police said Mdaka, 32, of Naas township, a security guard at the Watergate Bar in Marloth Park, suffered severe injuries when the teenagers beat him to a pulp in full view of patrons.

Police spokesman Constable Richard Khumalo said Mdaka was busy with his daily duties at the bar at the weekend when the teenagers decided to leave the bar with booze.

This is against the rules of the bar, so when Mdaka saw them going out with the beers he confronted them.

"But they started insulting him, Khumalo said. "One of them headbutted him in the face and Mdaka fell down.

"All of them then kicked him while he was down. They hit him with everything they had before they drove off."

He said Mdaka managed to get the registration numbers of the car and police arrested the teenagers.

They are out on R500 bail each.