Adieu Run-X, hello Auris as Toyota unveils new car

Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

The new Toyota Auris, which is expected to take the country by storm, has arrived.

Even though it has not lost the Toyota ideology, it is a rather refreshing one.

The direct replacement of the Run-X, the Auris will not be bringing any excitement in terms of engine technology.

This new 5-door hatch from Toyota is offered with a choice of four engines.

Each engine is matched to a specific transmission specification for optimised efficiency, diesel power and Toyota's advanced M-MT transmission for those who prefer the convenience of an automatic shift transmission.

Three specification grades are offered with the RT and RS grades applicable to the 1,4litre and 1,6litre capacity derivatives. The RS and RX is offered together with 1,8litre petrol and 2,0litre diesel models.

Pricing starts from R137281 to R229900.