Every actor has own style

Khabonina Qubeka. Pic: Philip Schedler. © Unknown.
TOO GOOD TO BE TUBED: Khabonina Qubeka. Pic: Philip Schedler. © Unknown.

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

Muvhango actor Khabonina Qubeka is not deterred by being "unfairly" compared with the late Lindiwe Chibi in her new role as Doobsie.

Qubeka took over the role from Chibi, who left the drama series after she was allegedly shot in the head by her boyfriend in 2005. Chibi died on Wednesday last week.

Speaking to Sowetan yesterday, Qubeka said she believed that she was as good in the role as her two predecessors - Chibi and Khanyisile Mbau.

"It is unfair of people to compare our acting abilities. I believe Khanyisile Mbau did her best as Doobsie, and so did Lindiwe Chibi and so do I," said Qubeka.

"Who said Chibi was best? I am also a trained actor who knows how to act," she said.

Mbau, who played Doobsie before Qubeka, agreed that she and Qubeka should not be compared with Chibi.

"Obviously, Chibi had an opportunity to set the standard for the role of Doobsie because she introduced the character. I would understand if people compared Khabonina and me.

"As far as I am concerned, I had more pressure because I filled the boots of a good actor immediately after she was taken off.

"When Khabonina took over there was less pressure," Mbau said.

Though Qubeka is still being seen on Muvhango, she said she had left the soapie and that was a blessing in disguise.

"I am happy to let people know that I have had a life before Muvhango and I am having a life after Muvhango," she said.

"I am an award-winning choreographer of international repute, working in the UK, Canada and the US."

She said she was now running dance workshops at primary schools, concentrating particularly on motivating young people, especially HIV-positive girls.

"I am also teaching dance to adults at Moyo's Dance Studios.

"Before I joined Muvhango I was a professional dancer. I won an FNB Dance Umbrella award for choreography in 2002, and have worked as a professional dancer and as a public relations officer for Sun City."

Chibi died of pneumonia last week. She will be buried at Westpark Cemetery on Thursday.

Muvhango boss Duma Ndlovu said the role of Doobsie will be phased out in honour of the late talented actor.

It is widely believed in the entertainment industry that Chibi was the best of the actors who played the role of Doobsie.