Crash test dummies just love the safe Mini Cooper

Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

It is not only one of the world's most loved cars, but also one the safest.

Mini Cooper has achieved five stars for its outstanding passive safety.

In the Euro NCAP crash test Mini Cooper achieved excellent results in both the head-on and the side-on crash, the risk of injury to occupants being deemed very small in all cases.

The testers gave the car 13 out of 16 points for the "deformation" behaviour in a head-on collision, and 16 out of 18 points in the side-on collision. Child safety also showed an above-average result, which is regarded as exemplary.

The overall result is attributed to the Mini's superior all-round safety concept extending from the structure of the body and the stiff passenger cell all the way to the restraint systems masterminded by electronic control units.

The seat belts on the front seats are additionally equipped with belt-latch tensioners and belt-force limiters.