Kruger Park not for delinquents

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

Kruger National Park rangers, protection services officers, traffic officers and other law enforcement agencies have vowed to show no mercy to anyone caught disobeying the rules and regulations of the park during the Easter holidays.

"Our statistics show that our law enforcers issued almost 600 fines during the 2006-07 festive season so we would certainly appreciate it if our guests would choose to abide by our rules," said the park's spokesman, William Mabasa.

Mabasa said the number of fines issued by the park at the end of last year was the highest ever. There were 419 fines for speeding and 75 for after-hours travelling.

"We believe these fines are incurred because our guests don't plan their journeys properly, We ask all guests to plan their route according to distances and gate-closing times," Mabasa said.

Alighting or protruding from a motor vehicle is an offence in the park - 80 motorists were fined in this regard during the 2006-07 season.

"It must be understood by our visitors that alighting or protruding from a vehicle degrades the experience of other visitors because animals will often run away when they see a human shape.

"It is also dangerous to alight from your vehicle because predators can and will attack humans if they feel threatened," he said.

Other fines issued included those for inconsiderate or dangerous driving, bringing a domestic animal into the park, driving off-road and driving without a licence.

Mabasa said the park's rules and regulations were displayed on the entrance permits and on notice boards at the camp and at the entrance gates.

He said visitors and guests should report wrongdoing by calling the emergency call centre on 013-735-4325.

For bookings for day visits, call reservations on 012-426-9111.